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KENT | VOL | Product + Promotion

Project Info +

  • Challenge: Since“KENT" is sold in cartons at airport duty-free shops, many of the consumers are
    value conscious, and the presence or absence of a 'gift item' often affects the brand
    selection. With competitors constantly conducting promotional activities using such
    items, encouraging brand switching was difficult. Thus, developing an innovative gift
    item was necessary for the purpose of sales promotion and effective branding.

    Idea: Businessmen who are tobacco users in their 30's - 40's. Considering their interest in latest electronic devices,
    project aimed to stimulate their intellectual curiosity. In collaboration with an up and coming product designer,
    we developed an original portal speaker. This novelty item is a portable speaker associated with stereo system
    design. By simply rotating, the power goes on, and by rotating more, the audio volume can be adjusted, or
    turned off. “KENT VOL” is a portable speaker with excellent design operated by one simple act.

    Result: The development of an unprecedented premium gift item contributed
    to the innovative and sophisticated brand image of KENT. The spirit
    of challenging new things was highly evaluated by tobacco stores
    compared to our competitors. It contributed to sales acquisition and
    merchandizing implementation, resulting in 0.9% increase in brand
    share from the previous year.
  • KENTは、価格改正で価格があがる環境下、国際空港免税店においてもKENT製品の購入を促し、シェア拡大を目指していいた。ターゲットは、海外渡航の多い30代から40代のビジネスマン。KENT Brandのもつ「Modern, Stylish, Innovative 」というエッセンスを大切にした、「史上最高のおまけ」というコンセプトを打ち立てた。「従来のノベルティー=チープなノベルティー」という印象を払しょくし、いままでにないデザインクオリティーのノベルティーアイテムを開発を目指した。アイデアはVOL 。つまんで回すだけのカッティングエッジなポターブルスピーカーを開発した。

    Award |
    OneShow Design - Blonze,
    New York Art Directors Club - Blonze,
    Graphic Design in Japan - Inbook
    Tokyo Type Directors Club - Inbook
    Tokyo Art Directors Club - Inbook
  • Art Direction | Takahisa Hashimoto
    Product Design | KoshoTsuboi
    Account Director| Koichi Ishizu
    Production | Hroaki Masuda
    Graphic Design | Takanori Kimura
    Agency | Ogilvy & Mather Japan

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