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Visionique|Work|Tobu Department Store | Christmas 2014 | Campaign

Tobu Department Store | Christmas 2014 | Campaign

Project Info +

  • Background:
    Traditional department store Tobu wants to rejuvenate its aging customers and refresh its recognized image of a ‘department store for the elderly’. Recently, it has been pushed by other department stores with younger customers and momentum. Tobu desperately needed a campaign that creates buzz. The department store wanted to roll out 2015 Christmas campaign with a refreshing look to seed a new image of the store and to drive sales and acquire new customers.

    Women in their 30-40s

    Idea:Christmas Box Tree
    Santa Claus and fun animalIdeas and concept:
    Santa Claus and fun animals prepare gifts for people who wait for their arrival. The gift boxes are piled up an
  • Idea: Christmas Box Tree
    サンタと楽しげな動物たちがプレゼントを待つ人々のために準備をしている様子を描いている。集めたプレゼントが、クリスマスツリーのように見える、Magical なクリスマスの世界を表現した。細密画のような表現手法で、見るものを釘付けにしながらも、楽しさや生命力や喜びに溢れた独自のクリスマスの世界観を作り出した。
  • Staff list
    Creative Director/
    Takahisa Hashimoto
    Takahisa Hashimoto

    Yasushi Matsuo
    Saki wakiyama
    Miki Ohashi
    Rie Naruse
    Toshio Shoda

    Miyuki Yoshizawa

    Atsushi Mitsugi
    Akira Sato

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