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Visionique|Work|under design | Rebranding Project

under design | Rebranding Project

Project Info +

  • Background
    Celebrating 70th anniversary since established, the company had decided to integrate 2 of its group companies Asahi Com Tech (IT infrastructure equipment company) and I-Net Techno (electricity work company). To further grow over the next 30 years, the company needed to build a new business unit, a new internal system and a new corporate culture to hire new talent.

    Comprehensive and attractive rebranding along upon integration of Asahi Com Tech and I-Net Techno.

    Creative Development
    -Development of new CI (philosophy, slogan, Credo and business field)
    -Development of new VI (logo, website, company profile, stationery, Tshirts, uniform)
    -Office design
    -Welfare and benefit programs

    Though the company has 70 years of history, we wanted to rebrand it as if we are building a new start-up company from scratch. Through such drastic rebranding, we challenged building corporate culture such as welfare and benefit systems as well as developing the best CI and VI in order to express the company that is socially attractive and filled with energy.

    After rebranding, number of applicants for job interview has increased sixfold from previous year.
    More employees of 10+ years younger than the average age of the company employees joined.
    Access to the corporate website increased.
    The new Art and Work Business Unit was formed. New welfare and benefit systems were introduced and internal systems were renewed.
    Employee motivation increased significantly and the company has turned into a very energetic organization.
    Company sales increased by 20% from same time previous year.
  • Background


    Creative Development
    -新しいCl の開発(社名・フィロソフィ ー • スローガン ・ Credo・ ピジネスフィ ールド)
    -新しいV Iの開発(ロゴ開発、 ウェブサイト、 コーボレー ト会社案内、 ステーショナリ ー、 Tシャツ、 ユニフォ ームなど)


    リブランディング後、リクルート応募人数が、 前年比の6倍の増加となった。
  • Creative Director | Akihito Abe (KAYAC)
    Art Director | Takahisa Hashimoto (VISIONIQUE)
    Copywriter | Takanobu Miyoshi
    Web Producer |Naoya Katayama (VISIONIQUE)
    Designer | Takanori Kim (VISIONIQUE)
    Designer | Yumiko (VISIONIQUE)

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